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The University of Southampton

Identification approaches for source separation in vibration and acoustic problems Seminar

7 November 2017
Building 13 Room 3017

Event details

ISVR Engineering Research Seminar Series 2017-2018

Source identification is a recurrent issue in vibration and acoustic problems. The correct localization, quantification and ranking of sources contributing to an observed acoustic or vibration field is indeed a major challenge in the post-processing and analysis of measurement datasets. Relating observations to sources is an inverse problem. It requires the modeling of the system under consideration, but this is often not sufficient and some a priori information has to be additionally considered so as to make the inverse problem well-posed. Different strategies can be implemented to do so, based on heuristic approaches, optimization algorithms or Bayesian formulations. These strategies will be briefly reviewed, and their implementations will be illustrated in the frame of few experimental applications.

Speaker information

Quentin Leclere, INSA Lyon. PhD in acoustics (2003), INSA Lyon, Assistant professor at the Laboratory of Vibration and Acoustic, INSA Lyon, since 2005. Co-author of more than 30 journal papers and 90 conference proceeding papers in experimental acoustics (Automotive NVH, Acoustic imaging, Source separation, Transfer Path Analysis), Co-supervisor of 8 graduated or ongoing PhDs. Head of the common laboratory P3A (Array Processing for AeroAcoustics) shared with MicrodB (French sme) since 2014.

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