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The University of Southampton

Experimental investigation of noise generated by finite, wall-mounted airfoils  Seminar

16:00 - 17:00
5 October 2021
Microsoft Teams meeting

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Event details

ISVR Research Seminar

The vortex that is generated at the tip of the blades of wind turbines, fans or propellers is a significant source of flow-induced noise. In order to better understand the noise generation at the blade tip, an extensive wind tunnel study was performed on model blades with different shape (airfoil thickness and camber) and different tip geometries (for example flat or rounded tips). In addition, further experiments were performed on a set of novel blade tips, which were modified with either perforations, serrations or end plates. The aim of this study is to empirically determine tip designs that lead to a notable noise reduction while maintaining the aerodynamic performance of an unmodified tip. In addition to acoustic microphone array measurements, surface flow visualizations and hot-wire measurements were conducted to help analyzing the effect of the modifications on the flow field around the blade tips. In the presentation, an overview of the extensive experimental study will be given, with several examples to demonstrate important results.

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Speaker information

Dr Thomas Geyer, Brandenburgishe Technische Universitat. Experimental investigation of the aeroacoustic noise generated by porous bodies (including porous airfoils and porous cylinders); experimental investigation of the silent flight of owls (fly-over measurements and wind tunnel experiments); noise generation by airfoils and cylinders in a flow; microphone arrays; mufflers.

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