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The University of Southampton

Phononic, acoustic, and mechanical metamaterials: from fundamentals to applications Seminar

16:00 - 17:00
15 December 2022
Building 25, room 2015

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Vanui Mardanyan at .

Event details

ISVR Research seminar

Main Information

This talk will overview recent research activities in the fields of phononics, acoustic, and mechanical metamaterials in the MetaMechanics group at the University of Groningen. The current research directions of the group are twofold.

The first direction is toward understanding fundamental relations between the geometric topology of meta-structures and the material properties of their constituents. To this purpose, we have studied the effects of secondary relaxation of viscoelastic polymers on wave propagation and attenuation in phononic plates, which exhibit one of the two key wave control mechanisms at different ranges of sound and ultrasound frequencies [1]. We showed that in the case of overlapping secondary transition zones in a polymer, the dynamic behavior of the corresponding phononic plates cannot be described by using time-temperature superposition principle and traditional viscoelastic mechanical models. Similar situation can occur in additively manufactured polymeric meta-structures [2], the characterization of which is the subject of the ongoing research.

The second research direction is aimed at developing application-oriented metamaterial designs. Recent results are linked to mechanical and acoustic metamaterials. For mechanical metamaterials, we have developed automated strategies for programmable shape-morphing of flat and tubular meta-structures [3,4], used triply periodic meta-structures to develop stress-shielding-free mandibular implants, adopted kirigami arrays for distributed actuation systems in adaptive optics [5], and applied honeycomb and auxetic surface patterns to flapping wings with the aim to control their aerodynamic and aeroacoustic characteristics [6,7]. For acoustic metamaterials, we designed configurations inspired by space-filling curves [8] and used them to construct a meta-panel that can effectively attenuate low-frequency sound [9].


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Speaker information

Dr. Anastasiia O. Krushynska , University of Groningen. Dr. Anastasiia O. Krushynska is an assistant professor at the Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands leading the Metamechanics group ( The group studies the field of Advanced Materials and their applications in Acoustics, Medicine, Robotics, etc. Dr. Krushynska published more than 45 papers in leading international journals, including Advanced Functional Materials, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids, New Journals of Physics, Scientific Reports, etc. and has two patents. She received several individual fellowships and Young Researcher’s awards, serves as an associate editor and guest editors in more than sever journals, is a reviewer for more than 50 journals and three international conferences. She is a Committee Member and Remote Evaluator for national and international funding agencies, including European Commission, Dutch Funding Agency, Swiss National Science Foundation, and French National Research Agency.

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