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National Oceanography Centre - Seawater Immersion Site

nCATS has access to seawater immersion sites at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) allowing corrosion and biofouling studies representing UK (dockside) environments.  Having access to realistic environment is very important as the annual circles (temperature, oxygen content, etc.) and salt water composition have a major effect on corrosion rates and mechanism, as well as biofouling life-cycles.

Seawater immersion site at NOC
Seawater immersion site at NOC

nCATS seawater immersion consists of stainless steel frame located in a stainless steel frame, the cage is used to locate marine ply boards with samples mounted on them, the samples are mounted away from the board surface to avoid anaerobic conditions or crevice corrosion conditions, nylon bolts are used to avoid unintentional bimetallic contacts.

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