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Saphir 520 polishing machine

nCATS has an auto-polisher for preparation of samples, "macros", prior to optical examination or examination under an electron microscope.

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The SAPHIR 520 is a single wheel grinder and polisher with top-mounted grinding and polishing head Rubin 500 for working wheels Ø 200 - 250 mm.  Sequence time, down-pressure, Saphir 520 speed control, rotational direction, pneumatic lowering, single and central pressure are all fully programmable.  The polishing machine can process up to 5 samples at a time and employs a magnetic base for most commercial 8 inch (200mm) discs.

Saphir 520 polishing machine
Saphir 520 polishing machine

The water supply can be switched manually. The rinsing tap can be pulled out for cleaning the basin with the hose extension. Optimum distribution of water can be reached by swinging the tap left and right across the diameter of the working wheel.

Programmable features:

  • Duration
  • Load
  • Rotation speed
  • Diamond or water lubrication
  • Singular or central loaded
  • clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation head rotation


 Working wheels  Ø 200 - 250 mm
 No. of samples (single pressure)  1-5 samples Ø 40 mm*
 Single pressing force  variable, 5-100 N
 Central pressing force  variable, 20-350 N
 Connection power  1.8 kVA
 Drive power (grinder)  0.55 kW S6/40%
 Drive power (head)  0.13 kW S1
 Speed (grinder)  50 - 600 rpm
 Speed (head)  140 rpm
 Dimensions (W×H×D)  470 × 480 × 620 mm
 Weight  52 kg

* - There are inserts for 32 and 30 mm diameter samples


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