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The University of Southampton

LRF Collegium 2012 Book Series

Titles in the LRET Collegium 2012 Series:

Volume 1

A Concept for Seabed Rare Earth Mining in the Eastern South Pacific M Bashir, S H Kim, E Kiosidou, H Wolgamott, W Zhang ISBN 978-0-854-32949-6

Volume 2

Feasibility Study on Manganese Nodules Recovery in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone B Agarwal, P Hu, M Placidi, H Santo, J J Zhou ISBN 978-0-854-32950-2

Volume 3

The deep sea energy park:
Harvesting hydrothermal energy for seabed exploration
J Parada, X Feng, E Hauerhof, R Suzuki, U Abubakar ISBN 978-0-854-32951-9

Volume 4

Sustainable Seabed Mining: Guidelines and a new concept for Atlantis II Deep L Egorov, H Elosta, N L Kudla, S Shan, K K Yang ISBN 978-0-854-32952-6

Volume 5

Polymetallic nodule mining: Innovative concepts for commercialisation W Flentje, S E Lee, A Virnovskaia, S Wang, S Zabeen ISBN 978-0-854-32953-3

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