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The University of Southampton

Research project: Shipping in changing climates

Currently Active: 

Combining the latest climate change impact and adaptation analysis with knowledge and models of the shipping industry to explore vulnerability to changing climates.

In addition to managing its own carbon emissions, the shipping industry also needs to consider how a changing world will influence the shipping system. Future developments of international trade and resource availability, climate change and the decarbonisation of the energy system may all have an effect on the structure and functioning of the shipping system. Using a number of foreseeable “what if “ scenarios (including climate trajectories to 2100), this project will investigate how transport supply and demand are influenced by food and fuel security issues and can an increased awareness and understanding of these scenarios to enable a more resilient system?

As part of this large project, the team at Southampton will be looking at the direct impacts of climate change and mitigation policies on the shipping system (including climate impacts on shipping infrastructure).

CMA CGM Marco Polo leaving the Solent, UK
Most global trade is carried by sea
Infrastructure is exposed to changing sea levels and extreme events
Land-based shipping infrastructure
Sea levels are expected to rise during this century
Projected sea levels by 2100
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