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The University of Southampton

Research project: Understanding the physics of wet shaving

Currently Active: 

Multiphysics modelling of the interactions of skin and wet shaving products.

Fluid-structure interaction FEA
Fluid-structure interaction FEA

The goal of this project is to develop a computational modelling platform based on advanced multi-physics finite element techniques to unravel some key aspects of the tribophysics of shaving. Particular focus is placed on developing models predicting the flow and spread of the shave prep under the cartridge guard during a shaving stroke. This work is developed in parallel with other projects conducted in Southampton which aims to establish statistical models linking consumer perception (the so-called “glide comfort”) to physical attributes of razor and shave preparation. An important side aspect of the modelling work is to experimentally characterise the rheology of shave preparation in order to implement appropriate constitutive models in the finite element environment.

Associated research themes

Bioengineering and human factors

Related research groups

national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Bioengineering Science
Computational Engineering and Design
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