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The Medical Devices and Vulnerable Skin NetworkPLUS Announces Third Funding Call

Published: 1 March 2018
MDVSN Funding Call
MDVSN Funding Call

We are pleased to announce the third and final MDVSNPLUS call for partners to apply for funding for projects up to a maximum budget of £25k to work in partnership with academics, industrial partners and clinicians to develop and test improved medical devices that will minimise damage to vulnerable skin and promote self-management. The call is now open with an application deadline of Friday 30th March 2018. Successful applicants will be notified on Friday 27th April 2018. As it is the final call, all projects will have to be completed by May 2019.

The funding remit is broad and provides an opportunity to assess existing and develop new medical device designs which will minimise trauma to vulnerable skin tissues. Submissions involving joint applications from different sectors will be encouraged including healthcare clinicians, industry and academics. Examples of previously funded projects can be found on our project webpages. These include evaluation and develop of devices and sensing and imaging technologies targeting a variety of clinical settings.

With our final call, we would like to further expand the scope of MDVSNPLUS  with new clinical challenges and the development of novel devices which have a clear pathway to translation.

Each application will be considered by a panel of Network partners with an independent chairperson. Consideration will be paid to how closely the research proposal matches the EPSRC Grand Challenges.

A Word version of the funding application form is available to download below for your ease of use.

Please email completed applications to Fiona Brewer:

Notes for editors

Following the success of the current EPSRC-NIHR HTC Partnership Award: Medical Devices and Vulnerable Skin: Optimising safety in design, 'PLUS' funding has been secured starting on the 1st of July 2016 and ending on the 30th June 2019. This funding will overlap with the current MDVS network in 2016-2017 and provide the basis to expand our outreach to academic, industrial and clinical partners.

The global aim of the MDVSNPLUS: Intelligent sensing to promote self-management is to bring disruptive technologies to the medical device market to promote sustainable evolution and long-term healthcare improvements. MDVSNPLUS will work with these partners to produce cost-effective functional medical-device and sensing technologies and novel materials and designs that can minimise the risk of damage to vulnerable tissues to improve patient safety.

The ‘PLUS’ Network will fund a series of feasibility studies aligned with our core aims and target one or more of three EPSRC Grand Challenges; (i) Optimising Treatment (ii) Frontiers of Physical Intervention (iii) Transforming Community Health and Care. Each potential proposal will be reviewed by an independent innovation panel and assessed based on the clinical need and feasibility to translate the research findings to clinical practice.

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