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The University of Southampton
Fundamental Care and Safety

Continence Management

Our research focuses on technologies and strategies designed to contain or drain urine/faeces and those that prevent or minimise incontinence and its effects on quality of life (led by Mandy Fader). This research includes work on the development and evaluation of a range of products including absorbent pads, urinals and male devices. Our programme of research on urinary catheters for use in the long-term is jointly led by Mandy Fader and Jacqui Prieto and includes the NIHR MultiCath programme. Investigation of the effect of devices on vulnerable skin tissues is carried out in conjunction with the Skin Health research theme.

Continence Technology Theme
Continence Technology

Our basic science focuses on biofilms in tubes and devices (in collaboration with Biological Sciences, led by Sandra Wilks and Bill Keevil which includes feeding tubes used for nutrition (led by Sue Green). Cell biology, in particular urine and bladder pathologies work is led by Bashir Lwaleed and work on skin interfaces and soft-tissue biomechanics is led by Dan Bader (Skin health research theme).

Our website, Continence Product Advisor, is hosted by the International Continence Society and is designed to provide independent evidence-based advice to healthcare professionals and patients on continence products worldwide.

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