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The Guns of Loos. Silent Film Screening Event

Great War: Unknown War
11 February 2018
Turner Sims Concert Hall

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Event details

Part of the Great War: Unknown War Silent Film Fortnight. Turner Sims in partnership with the University of Southampton’s Film and Music departments presents a three-part series focusing on the film heritage of the First World War. With introductions to each film, expert insights and guests, including two of the country’s leading silent film score performers, the series of screenings and talks will show the role cinema played in memorialising the war after the armistice, and reflect on cinema’s continued importance to our present day understanding of the conflict.

Stephen Horne piano
Martin Pyne percussion

The Guns of Loos marked a bold new approach to depicting the war on screen. Previous British war films concentrated on highly detailed, documentary-style reconstructions of particular battles, with little attempt at drama or character.

For this film, the striking recreations of the conflict at Loos provide the backdrop to an intense psychological drama about a factory owner whose dictatorial manner and apparent nerves of steel quickly unravel when faced with the horrors of war. Combining strong performances with outstanding cinematography, the film received rave reviews on its release in 1928, with many critics declaring it the best war film ever made. Stephen Horne’s specially commissioned score was first performed in 2015 to mark the anniversary of the battle.

This event is chargeable, please purchase tickets from the Turner Sims Box Office. Book here.


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