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Grading and Development - Professorial Re-banding

ERE Level 7 Career PathwaysProfessorial Banding Descriptors

Members of the professoriate (ERE Level 7) are assigned to Band A, Band B, or Band C.

The majority of professors will be assigned to Professorial Band A. This band is sufficiently broad to allow individuals to develop their professorial careers from entry level to a level of considerable and established standing in their field of study.

Professorial Band B is reserved for professor of high academic distinction. Professors who reach this level will be widely recognised for their sustained and distinguished academic contribution at an international level, and will be shaping their field of study.

Professorial Band C is reserved for professors of the highest academic distinction who are universally acknowledged as world leaders in their field of study.

Through the re-banding process, members of the professoriate can apply for re-banding from Band A to Band B, or from Band B to Band C.
The Promotion Website hosts all the relevant information you will need, whether you are a candidate applying for promotion/ in-level transfer of pathway or someone who is involved in administering the process.


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