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Mid-month staff publication news

Published: 13 November 2015Origin: Philosophy

In the last few weeks, our staff have heard some great news from leading journals and other prominent publication venues.

Chris Janaway's paper "What’s So Good about Negation of the Will? Schopenhauer and the Problem of the Summum Bonum” was just accepted for publication in the Journal of the History of Philosophy. JHP is the foremost journal for the history of philosophy, and had an acceptance rate last year of 6%.

Conor McHugh and Jonathan Way's paper "Fittingness First" was recently accepted at Ethics, the foremost journal in moral philosophy.

Fiona Woollard's paper "I, Me, Mine: Body-Ownership and the Generation Problem" was just accepted for publication at Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, a prominent journal in the field.

Genia Schönbaumsfeld's paper "The ‘Default View’ of Perceptual Reasons and Closure-Based Sceptical Arguments" was recently accepted for publication at the International Journal for the Study of Scepticism, a prominent journal in epistemology and the only dedicated journal on scepticism.  In addition, Genia just received a contract from Oxford University Press for a monograph on scepticism.

Kurt Sylvan's paper "Against Full Aptness" is provisionally forthcoming in a special issue of Synthese on Sosa's virtue epistemology.  In addition, Kurt's paper "Responsibilism out of Character" is now officially forthcoming in an Oxford University Press collection entitled Epistemic Situationism, and his paper "The Achievements of Reason: Toward a Rationalist Virtue Epistemology" is provisionally forthcoming in a Cambridge University Press collection on virtue epistemology.

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