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The University of Southampton

“Digitalisation not Dematerialisation: The Musical Artefact in the Digital Age” Seminar

6 March 2012
Room 1083 Music, Building 2 Highfield Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

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Event details

A Seminar by Nicola Dibben

Digitalisation has brought profound changes to the way people make, use, and acquire music. In this paper I examine the future of the musical artefact through a case study of Björk's 2011 album and app suite "Biophilia"-the first music album by a major pop icon to be released as a set of interactive iPad/iPhone apps, and a project I contributed to. Björk exploits audiovisual material and the high production values of material artefacts, yet she is also one of the first to adopt the new technologies ­ here the app suite as alternative to the album. Biophilia represents a good case study to examine the consequences and opportunities of digitalisation for music: the creation of new formats and their implications for modes of listening, stratification of the market for physical artefacts, the role of extramusical materials, implications for the expression of a unified artistic vision, unification of digital and material copy, and new opportunities for musical learning.

Speaker information

Dr Nicola Dibben, University of Sheffield. Senior Lecturer in the Department of Music

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