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British Society of Criminology Conference

Published: 10 July 2014

ICJR members Dr Alisa Stevens and Dr Harry Annison will be presenting papers at this year's British Society of Criminology Conference hosted by the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, School of Law and Social Justice, The University of Liverpool.

Dr Alisa Stevens will present a paper at the British Society of Criminology annual conference (July 10th) entitled 'A hidden issue in a hidden world': Findings from the Commission on Sex in Prison. Together with Lorraine Atkinson from The Howard League for Penal Reform, which established the independent Commission in 2012, the paper reports key findings from Alisa's interviews with former prisoners about their experiences and knowledge of consensual and coercive sexual activity in English prisons, and from oral and written evidence submitted to the Commission.

Dr Harry Annison will be presenting two papers, firstly on Theorizing the Role of ‘The Brand' in Criminal Justice: The case of Integrated Offender Management. This paper considers the role of 'the brand' in criminal justice, considering the connections between theoretical perspectives on organisational change, social identity and legitimacy. Secondly, Listening to the Metropole: Or, what's the point of elite interviewing? This paper draws on Dr Annison's extensive research of criminal justice policymaking to consider the value - and limitations - of 'elite interviewing' for critical criminology. The discussion draws specifically on Dr Annison's exploration of the abolition of the Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) sentence.

For more information about the conference please click here .

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