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The University of Southampton
Institute of Criminal Justice Research


Selected recent publications from the Institute of Criminal Justice Research Members include:

Miles-Johnson, T (In Press/Accepted 2015). “They don’t identify with us”: Perceptions of Police by Australian Transgender People. International Journal of Transgenderism.




Miles-Johnson, T (In Press/Accepted 2014). Policing Diversity: examining police resistance to training reforms for transgender people in Australia. Journal of Homosexuality.


Annison, Harry, Bradford, Ben and Grant, Eli (2014) Theorising the role of “the brand” in criminal justice: the case of integrated offender management. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 1-30.


Annison, Harry (2014) Interpreting the politics of the judiciary: the British senior judicial tradition and the pre-emptive turn in criminal justice. Journal of Law and Society, 41, (3), 339-366


Annison, Harry (2015) Dangerous Politics: Risk, political vulnerability and penal policy, Oxford, GB,Oxford University Press (In Press)


Bullock, K. and Sindall, K. (2014) The nature and extent of public participation in Neighbourhood Policing. Policing and Society, 24, (4), 385 - 404.


Fleming, J (2014) ‘Mental Health and Policing in the UK – a watershed moment’, Australasian Policing: a Journal of Professional Practice and Research, Vol 6 (2) pp9-13


Gurnham, D (2014), Desire and Law's Unconscious: Law, Literature and Culture (Routledge - GlassHouse books).


Gurnham, David (2015) A critique of carceral feminist arguments on rape myths and sexual scripts. New Criminal Law Review (In Press).


Palmer, P et al (2014) Decision Making and the National Intelligence Model: No Accounting for Decision Bias. Australasian Policing: a Journal of Professional Practice and Research, Vol 6(2) pp3-9


Stevens, Alisa (2014) 'Difference' and desistance in prison-based therapeutic communities. Prison Service Journal, 213, 3-9.


Stevens, Alisa (2013) Offender Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Communities: Enabling Change the TC Way (Routledge)


Bartkowiak-Théron, I. and Fleming, J. (2012) La catégorisation politico-sociale de la population australienne. [in special issue: L'Autralie: un Modèle de Gestion de la Diversité?] Informations Sociales, 171, (2) 80-89.


Gurnham, David (2012) Bioethics as science-fiction: making sense of Habermas's 'The future of human nature'. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 21, (2) 235-246.


Fleming, Jenny and McLaughlin, Eugene (2012) Through a different lens: researching the rise and fall of New Labour's ‘public confidence agenda’, Policing and Society, 22 (3) 280-294.


Fleming, Jenny and McLaughlin, Eugene (2012) Researching the confidence gap: theory, method, policy. [in special issue: Researching Public Confidence] Policing and Society, 22, (3), 261-269.


Fleming, Jenny (2012) Changing the way we do business: reflecting on collaborative practice. [in special issue: Police–University Collaborations] Police Practice and Research, 13, (4), 375-388.


Gurnham, David (2014) Crime, Desire and Law's Unconscious: Law, Literature and Culture (Routledge - GlassHouse Books, 2014)


Gurnham, David (2012) What role should criminal justice play in the fight against STIs? Sexually Transmitted Infections, 88 (1) 4-5.


Gurnham, David (2012) Risky sex and manly diversions: contours of consent in HIV-transmission and rough horseplay cases. In, Alghrani, Amel, Bennett, Rebecca and Ost, Suzanne (eds.) The Criminal Law and Bioethical Conflict: Walking the Tightrope. Cambridge, GB, Cambridge University Press. (Cambridge Bioethics and Law, 1 ).


Palmer, Phil (2013) Applied Ethics: A call for a new approach to police ‘diversity’ training’ Australasian Policing: a Journal of Professional Practice and Research, 5 (1) 11-19.


Palmer, Phil (2012) Educating police leaders. Australasian Policing: a Journal of Professional Practice and Research, 4, (1) 13-18.


Palmer, Phil (2012) Dealing with the exceptional. Pre crime anti–terrorism policy and practice. Policing and Society, 1-19.


Porter, Louise E., Prenzler, Tim and Fleming, Jenny (2012) Complaint reduction in the Tasmania Police. Policing and Society, 22, (4) 426-447.


Rees, Gethin (2013) Making the colposcope “forensic”: the medico-legal management of a controversial visualisation device. In, Cloatre, Emilie and Pickersgill, Martyn (eds.) Knowledge, Technology and Law: At the Intersection of Socio-Legal and Science & Technology Studies. Abingdon, GB, Routledge.


Sindall, Katy and Sturgis, Patrick (2013) Austerity policing: is visibility more important than numbers in determining public confidence in the police? European Journal of Criminology, 10, (2) 137-153.


Sindall, K., Sturgis, P. and Jennings, W. (2012) Public confidence in the police: a time-series analysis. British Journal of Criminology, 52, (4) 744-764.


Stevens, Alisa (2013) Offender rehabilitation and therapeutic communities: enabling change the TC way, Abingdon, GB, Routledge (International Series on Desistance and Rehabilitation).


Stevens, Alisa (2013) Prisoners’ motivations for therapeutic community treatment: in search of a “different” approach to offender rehabilitation, Probation Journal, 60, (2) 152-167.


Stevens, Alisa (2013) The “meanings” of female staff in male therapeutic community prisons: gender as symbolism and specialism.The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice (In Press).


Stevens, Alisa (2012) 'I am the person now I was always meant to be': identity reconstruction and narrative reframing in therapeutic community prisons. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 12, (5) 527-547


Telford, Mark and Santatzoglou, Sotirios (2013) ‘No more excuses': the shaping of community interventions in England and Wales in the 1980s. International Journal of Public Law and Policy, 3, (4) (In Press).


Telford, Mark (2012) The criminal responsibility of children and young people: an analysis of compliance with international human rights obligations in England and Wales. International Journal of Private Law, 5, (2) 107-120.


Telford, Mark (2013) Governing litter through criminalization. Southampton, GB, Southampton Law School, 28pp. (Legal Studies Research Paper Series, 1, 2013).


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Webber, Craig (2012) Cops, robbers and masked vigilantes: teaching through representations of crime. In, Billsberry, Jon and Leonard, Pauline (eds.) Moving Images: Effective Teaching with Film and Television in Management. Charleston, US, Information Age Publishing.


Zafeiropoulou, A.M., O'Hara, K, Millard, D and Webber, C (2012) Location data and privacy: a framework for analysis. In, Stiegler, Bernard (ed.) Réseaux Sociaux: Culture Politique et Ingénierie des Réseaux Sociaux. Limoges, FR, FYP éditions, 185-200.




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