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The University of Southampton
Computationally Intensive Imaging

Marker-less Motion Monitoring. Exploring collaboration between engineering and the clinic. Event

Interdisciplinary Research Excellence
12:30 - 13:30
29 April 2016
Level E SCBR training room, Southampton General Hospital (The meeting room is on E level, on the corridor from the main hospital to the South Academic Block. The door leading to the meeting room is marked ‘SCBR Nutrition’. The meeting room is on the left. All will be marked with posters for the event)

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Joy Conway on 023 8120 6755 .

Event details

Dr Kevin Wells of the University of Surrey will be presenting his research on non-invasive imaging of the thorax for clinical applications using the Kinect device. Clinical applications where respiratory monitoring is needed including gating for medical imaging. Kevin’s work uses a Kinect platform to monitor respiratory movement so this has the potential to be used with imaging for gating etc as well as directing a breath hold at specific lung volumes / allowing for partial volume effect corrections etc. Kevin is now looking for applications/collaborations.

The technology

Surrey’s Centre for Vision, Speech & Signal Processing has developed a unique capability in non-contact measurement of people, and data analysis methods for understanding people: i.e. human shape, motion behaviour and sound, principally built for the creative/entertainment industries, whether in broadcast (Hawk Eye player/ball tracking), film production (synthesis of live talent) or in the-the-wild animal tracking. Parallel pilot work in the Medical Imaging group within CVSSP is now seeing the development of novel vision technologies for measuring people being developed into the healthcare area, in conjunction with the Royal Marsden Hospital (in cancer), Broadmoor NHS Trust (in psychiatric care) and Surrey Sleep Research Centre (sleep apnoea) based around low-cost 3D camera technology. There are also potential applications of using low cost 3D camera technology with machine-led analysis for use in tracking and measuring behavioural patterns of individuals with respiratory illness, and/or complimenting current spirometry assessment methods by explicitly measuring external respiratory surface motion (and sound) for patients with chronic lung conditions such as COPD and asthma. The same technology may also be used to address respiratory motion artefacts seen in diagnostic imaging procedures. Some examples of these applications will be presented.

Speaker information

Kevin Wells,Reader in Medical Imaging at University of Surrey,Kevin Wells obtained his PhD from Brunel University, before working for almost 5 years as Postdoctoral Fellow in the Radioisotope Imaging group in the Joint Dept of Physics, Institute of Cancer Research/Royal Marsden Hospital. He then worked as Senior Research Fellow in the area of biomedical optics at UCL before taking up an academic position at the University of Bath in 1996. He then moved to the Centre for Vision, Speech & Signal Processing at Surrey, initially as Lecturer in Medical Imaging, , then Senior Lecturer (2008) and Reader from 2014. He has research interest in medical image analysis, medical technology, image simulation and virtual clinical trials. During the last few years his team have started developing new applications of 3D vision and non-contact imaging for use in medicine and healthcare. He is also the Course Director for Surrey's MSc in Medical Imaging and acts as the departmental Athena Swan Lead.

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