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The University of Southampton
Institute of Maritime Law

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006: International Labour Law Redefined

Published: 29 November 2013

A team of academics, current and former students and friends of the University of Southampton under the leadership of editor Jennifer Lavelle have published a collection of essays on the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006

The Convention entered into force in August 2013 and aims to consolidate and strengthen the legal framework protecting seafarers, who may work long hours on badly designed ships in hostile waters. The Convention addresses issues such as nutrition. health care, working hours and guaranteeing the seafarers’ pay. It represents an important step forward in protecting the interests of seafarers, a vulnerable professional group whose work is of great importance to world trade as well as to their own families at home.

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006: International Labour Law Redefined (published by Informa) offers commentary in respect of the Convention's impact on core sectors of the shipping industry, identifying both strengths and weaknesses of the Convention, as well as potential hurdles that will need to be overcome. The collection expertly addresses issues of fundamental importance to national authorities, shipping professionals and associations, maritime lawyers and academics irrespective of jurisdiction.

Jennifer Lavelle, a doctoral researcher, edited the collection and contributed a chapter that focused on private international law considerations. Mateusz Bek is a Senior Research Assistant at the Institute of Maritime Law. His chapter deals with MLC and yachts. R Graham Caldwell is a PhD candidate at University of Southampton whose research interests focus on piracy. Johanna Hjalmarsson’s chapter deals with insurance issues. Denis Nifontov is an LL.M (Maritime Law) graduate from the University of Southampton and now works in the marine insurance industry – his chapter is on seafarer abandonment insurance. Dr Alexandros X.M. Ntovas is a Lecturer at the University of Southampton Law School. His chapter is on the enforcement of the Convention.

Further chapter authors include international civil servants, representatives of enforcement authorities and practising lawyers.

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