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The University of Southampton
The India Centre for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development

Research Award Highlights for the Faculty of Medicine

Prof Keith Godfrey; Human Development and Health

Sarcopenia Project II (MEMOSA Validation Study)

Nestec Ltd; £173,426 over 7 months


Prof Hazel Inskip; Human Development and Health

Cohort and LOngitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources grant – CLOSER

ESRC; £15,220 over 24 months


Prof Alexander Mirnezami; Surgical Oncology; Cancer Sciences

Investigating the clinical utility of SurgiMend Bovine Acellular Dermal Matrix in complex abdominopelvic reconstruction

Integra LifeSciences Services; £90,557 over 24 months


Prof Isabel Karen Temple; Human Development and Health

Child Growth Foundation – Use of genomic medicine to discover causes of Silver-Russell syndrome and related growth disorders (August 2018).

Child Growth Foundation; £85,000 over 24 months


Prof Roxana-Octavia Carare; Clinical and Experimental Sciences

LOX as therapeutic target to improve IPAD – May 18

Royal Society; £12,000 over 24 months


Prof Delphine Boche; Clinical and Experimental Sciences

Tissue-infiltrating lymphocytes characterisation in glioblastoma – (March 18)

Pathological Society of Great Britain & Ireland; £2,000 over 12 months


Prof Jane Lucas; Clinical and Experimental Sciences

Lucas – AAIR – A feasibility study into the use of novel MRI techniques for paediatric lung disease – Jul 18

AAIR Charity; £9,800 over 12 months


Prof James Nicoll; Clinical and Experimental Sciences

Nicoll – BRAIN UK extension 2018 (516922103)

Brain Tumour Research; £40,000 over 12 months


Prof Michael Moore; Primary Care and Population Sciences

Moore/Santer/Willcox/Hu – SPCR – Community pharmacists’ perception of using herbal medicine in acute infections: qualitative study (September 2018)

National Institute of Health Research; £26,141 over 11 months


Dr Beth Stuart; Primary Care and Population Sciences

Stuart – NIHR SPCR – Acne Network Meta-analysis (September 2018)

National Institute of Health Research; £31,629 over 10 months


Prof Michael Grocott; Clinical and Experimental Sciences

NIHR HTA (via UHS) – Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) for reducing postoperative pulmonary complications (PPC): a sham-controlled randomised controlled trial (June 2017)

National Institute of Health Research; £24,358 over 42 months


Dr Miriam Santer; Primary Care and Population Sciences

NIHR HTA (via Nottingham) – What is the clinical and costeffectiveness of using a goal-directed allopurinol-based treat-to-target protocol in people with recurrent gout? (November 2017)

National Institute of Health Research; £194,656 over 80 months


Dr Sean Lim; Cancer Sciences

Investigation of the efficacy of INCB05982 alone and in combination with anti-CD20 and anti-CD27

Incyte Corporation; £33,874 over 12 months


Prof Ramsey Cutress; Cancer Sciences

WCRF – Influence of body composition in chemotherapy toxicity in women with early stage breast cancer

World Cancer Research Fund; £294,221 over 36 months


Dr Nicholas Fuggle; Human Development and Health

Does epigenetic age acceleratino predict 10-year musculoskeletal outcomes

The Dunhill Medical Trust; £194,950 over 36 months


Dr Xiao-Yang (Mio) Hu; Primary Care and Population Sciences

Herbal Medicine in Acute Cough

National Institute of Health Research; £84,375 over 15 months

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