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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

Itinerary 2020

Please find below the itinerary for the 2020 International Summer School, so you can see an example of what we plan.

Chawton House
Chawton House

Week One

On Saturday 18 July, we will welcome our first group of students who will be studying on the four week course.

After a relaxing Sunday familiarising yourself with the area and getting to know your fellow students, Monday will consist of an induction day and welcoming you all to our fantastic university and city of Southampton.

Classes will start on the Tuesday and continue on the Wednesday with some free time in the morning. This will be followed by an assessment introduction and trip to Winchester the following day, where you will explore the ancient, vibrant and cultured city and visit the stunning Chawton House that once belonged to Jane Austen's brother, Edward.

Classes will continue Friday morning with some free time in the afternoon for students to explore at your leisure. Our second trip on Saturday will be to Portsmouth Historic dockyard, an area of HM Naval Base containing several historic buildings and ships, followed by some shopping at the picturesque Gunwharf Quays.


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Week Two

Our second airport pick-up will be on Saturday 25 July to welcome our second group of students onto the three-week course.

You will be welcomed with an induction day as well as an assessment introduction on Monday 27 July. Classes will also be running on this day for the four-week students, followed by another one of our fantastic trips, one being Central London.

Classes will continue on Wednesday, with both groups together and a trip for all students on Thursday. This could be to Harry Potter Studios and the Natural History and Science Museum.

Friday consists of classes and the four-week students can enjoy a long weekend from Friday through to Monday, where you're encouraged to explore the south of England at your own leisure.


Harry Potter World
Harry Potter World

Week Three

Classes for the three-week students will continue again Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, students will continue with classes with a day trip to another one of our exciting attractions, which could be our newest trip to the Isle of Wight and Osborne House, taking place on the Wednesday.

After a day of classes on Thursday, we will be holding a lively Quiz Night for all groups on campus which covers all things British and finishing off the week with another day trip. This time you could be visiting Exbury Gardens and Beaulieu in the New Forest.

New Forest National Park
New Forest National Park
Avebury Manor
Avebury Manor

Week Four

Week four starts off with a day of classes, followed by a day trip on Tuesday to another one of our fascinating attractions. This could be the historic Stonehenge and elegant Avebury Manor.

Mid week classes will take place all day and continue through to Thursday morning, with the first assessment session in the afternoon.

Friday morning sees the second assessment session and ending the unforgettable experience with a farewell BBQ for all students.


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