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The University of Southampton
International Summer School

Regenerative medicine: building new body parts

Regenerative medicine

Stem cells have huge potential to cure a wide variety of conditions by regenerating the parts of our bodies that become diseased or damaged over the course of aging.

The field of regenerative medicine seeks to develop new therapies that harness this potential through stem cell transplantation or the provision of materials to recruit and stimulate stem cells already present in adult tissues. The Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration is focused on understanding the fundamentals of stem cell potential in development and repair, and translating this potential into new therapies.

Summer school participants will get a taste of our research through a series of talks and in lab demonstrations, introducing cutting-edge technologies and methods for the study and application of stem cells for medicine. For example, we will use problem solving approaches to engage participants in hands-on simulation of cutting-edge techniques including a stem cell isolation and blood vessel tubes in a petri dish using vascular stem cells.

This topic is run by Jon Dawson, EPSRC Research Fellow (Medicine).

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