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The University of Southampton
Joining the dots: from data to insight


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JTD creates a fusion of TDA, Machine Learning and Statistics

Topological data analysis (TDA) has become an important part of the modern data science, complementing machine learning and statistics as a new and powerful approach to data analysis. The Joining the Dots programme, sponsored by the EPSRC, is dedicated to creating a fusion of the three strands of data science to provide a focus for the development of new methodologies that are equal to the challenge of complex, heterogeneous, multidimensional data.

The JTD group was set up as a centre for multidisciplinary research crossing the boundaries of mathematics, statistics, computer science, by brining new theory and algorithms into close contact with exciting and challenging problems in medicine, biology, and the sciences. We are open to new collaborations, visitors, and contact from industry and commerce. In time, we intend the Joining the Dots initiative to grow to provide a national focus point for activity in the area of the study of the foundations and applications of Topological Data Analysis.

We are planning a series of workshops, conferences, and instructional events from 2017-2019, and details will be available on this site.

This programme is initially focussed on the following themes, and we expect the list to grow with the progress of our work

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