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The University of Southampton
Mathematical Sciences

Taster Lectures and Career Talks

We are happy to visit schools and colleges to talk about a variety of mathematical subjects and career paths in mathematics. If you'd like to know more then please get in touch.

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Lecture Titles

Maths at University and Beyond

What A-level maths is good for, what (i.e. how good) A-levels you need, something about mathematical subjects at university, being a student, what kind of jobs you can go for, and a few case studies on employment outcomes of some of our recent students.

Time: about 1 hour.

The square root of -1: Complex numbers and the Argand diagram

A historical discussion of number systems leading to the development of complex numbers.

Time: about 30-40 mins.

Game Theory, Evolution and Sex

A brief introduction to game theory as used in evolutionary biology, showing how A-level mathematics is used in a novel context.

Time: about 30-40 mins.

The Mathematics of Codes and Encryption

How the elementary arithmetic of prime numbers can be (and are) used to code and decode messages.

Time: about 30-40 mins.


Or, with more of an emphasis on physics and chemistry:

Liquid Crystals: the Fourth State of Matter

How nineteenth century biochemical studies of the chemical structure of cholesterol accidentally led to I-phones, Tablets and Flat screen TVs.

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