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The University of Southampton
Medical Education

Digital Learning


Over the years, Medicine has developed many innovative Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) solutions for both students and staff.

These range from short, interactive quizzes to highly complex Virtual Patients that provide integrated and contextualised learning using interactive tasks, immediate and individualised performance feedback, and clinical scenarios visually illustrated with videos, graphical and 3D animations.

A staff development portal - MEDUSA - provides access to a number of bespoke online staff development modules.

In the global eHealth area, we have developed many interactive TEL solutions and made them freely available. Examples include public health eLearning, rare disease Virtual Patient - pompe’s disease - and nutrition education portal.

The nutrition education portal provides interactive training in nutrition and malnutrition ( Funded by the Department for International Development (Dfid), the project team, led by Dr Sunhea Choi and Trevor Pickup, is conducting an evaluation research investigating the effectiveness of the Malnutrition eLearning course for global capacity building in partnership with KNUST, Ghana; Jima University, Ethiopia; and Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala.

The evaluation research is part of Dfid’s Nutrition Embedding Evaluation Programme (NEEP) and aims, firstly, to investigate the impact of the Malnutrition eLearning course on reducing child mortality through training staff and next, if proven effective, assess the potential of TEL for global capacity building and social media for engaging health professionals globally.


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