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COVID-19 (coronavirus): information and guidance

Page last updated: 22 January 2021

We appreciate that you will be concerned about COVID-19 both in terms of your safety and in terms of the impact that this may have on your studies or those that your family members plan to pursue. Please refer to this link for the latest COVID-19 updates.

At Southampton Malaysia we are committed to ensuring that all of our students – wherever they may be at this time – can keep study plans on track and so do in a safe and secure environment.

This is a rapidly evolving situation where information is being gathered and assessed daily. We will keep this page up-to-date with the most recent and relevant information.


The current situation at Southampton Malaysia

Following the Movement Control Order, all teaching and learning will be conducted face to face. Local and international students (after completing the compulsory 7-10 day quarantine upon international arrival) will be welcomed back to the campus.

Will foundation and undergraduate programmes at UoSM go ahead as scheduled?

Yes, all of UoSM’s programmes are scheduled to go ahead as planned and this includes the April intake for foundation programmes in Business, Engineering and Computer Science. SPM students seeking to join April intake may use SPM trial exam results to enrol on the programme. Further details on this can be found in the section on SPM Trial Exams.



Can I use my SPM Trial Results to apply to apply for place on one of Southampton Malaysia’s Foundation Year programmes?

Yes, UoSM has always welcomed prospective students to apply using SPM trial or forecast results. Normally we would issue applicants a conditional offer on this basis, i.e. we would reserve a spot for them on the programme but require them to meet certain grades before finally enrolling.

Can I use my SPM forecast results to confirm my place and enrol?

No, if you are holding forecast results but not trial result we suggest that you apply for our July intake so that you can use your actual results to confirm your place and enrol.

Can I use my SPM Trial Results to confirm my place and enrol?

Yes, thanks to a recent Ministry of Higher Education circular private universities such as Southampton Malaysia this year are able to accept SPM trial results for enrolment onto a Foundation programme. This means that SPM students can enrol on our Foundation Year April intake and not be delayed by SPM exam results being published later than usual this year. Students using trial results will still be required to meet standard entry requirements using their actual results once these become available.

Will I be able to attend regular classes on my Foundation Year programme before my actual results are available?

Yes, you will be able to enrol onto the programme and your teaching and learning will be the same as any other student on the same programme.

What will happen once my actual results are announced?

Students who have enrolled using their trial results will be required to submit actual results to UoSM’s Admissions Office once these become available. So long as the actual grades meet with minimum entry requirements students will be able to continue their studies on the programme.

What will happen if my actual SPM results are lower than my trial results and do not meet UoSM’s entry requirements?

First of all don’t panic! It’s not uncommon for actual results not to match trial results. If your actual results do not meet our requirements we will review your case with an understanding of this in mind and we will take a number of factors into account. If we feel that on the basis of your actual results you will struggle to perform well on the programme we will advise you of this and provide counselling about switching to another programme (either at UoSM or another institution).

What fees must I pay if I join a UoSM Foundation Year programme using my trial results?

All students (both local and international) will be charged a flat rate fee of RM 2,800 to join any Foundation Year programme on the basis of their trial results. Once paid this fee is non-refundable. Students who continue their studies on the programme (after their actual SPM results are confirmed as meeting minimum entry requirements) will have this fee credited towards the total tuition fee for the programme, details of which can be found on our website or in the offer letter.

My exams have been suspended/cancelled. How will you assess whether I have met my conditional offer this year?

A number of international exam boards took the decision earlier this year to cancel, suspend, postpone or amend the format of exams in response to the pandemic.

UK qualifications, IGCSE and International A levels

For the above qualifications, we will accept the grades awarded as normal this year. Our requirements will not change as a result of the different methods of assessment being employed.

International Baccalaureate

We will accept grades awarded this year as normal. Our requirements will not change as a result of the different methods of assessment being employed. 
If you have been unable to complete the Diploma but you have completed individual courses, we will carefully consider your final grades and we may be able to confirm your place. In such cases, we will pay close attention to your grades in your Higher Level courses but will also be considering your grades and your application in full. 

Other International qualifications 

The current global situation means that in many countries there may be changes to how qualifications and grades are awarded. Although the situation in each country will be different, please be reassured that if your exams go ahead, we will assess you based on your results even if they are issued later than normal. Where final grades will be determined in a different way to usual we will continue to consider your grades on the usual basis.

Please ensure that you send your final results to us as soon as you receive them and we will consider the grades that you have achieved. 
We are monitoring the worldwide situation carefully to inform our planning and will bring you more information when we know about the developments. 

I haven’t been able to take an English language test because the test centres are closed. How will this affect me?

We recognise that some applicants have not been able to take their IELTS, TOEFL and PTE Academic test to meet their English language conditions. To support you in being able to meet your English language requirements, we will now be accepting the following English language tests.

You will need online access, a microphone and camera.

Duolingo English Test (DET)

The Duolingo English Test will be accepted on an interim basis for 2020 entry. The cost of the test is US $49.

It is important that you access the Duolingo English Test using a unique code. This code will be emailed to all applicants with an offer of admissions from Southampton. You must wait for this email before taking the test. We will not be able to accept this test if you do not access the test using this unique code.

TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition

The TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition will be accepted on an interim basis for 2020 entry. The test can be taken from any computer with a Windows operating system (versions, 10, 8 or 7). The entry requirements will be the same as the existing entry requirements for the TOEFL iBT.

For entry requirement information English Language Proficiency. 


What equipment and software etc are needed for online classes?

i. Equipment: Ideally a PC/Laptop with speaker & microphone. 
ii. E-learning platform: Blackboard 
iii. Video host: Panopto 
iv. Interactivity/Application: University email, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams

All software is freely accessible to all students (once they have enrolled and have been provided with a University of Southampton IT account) at no additional cost.  

Does it require any specific technical know-how to be able to join a new semester online? Is any training/guidance provided to assist students to adjust quickly?

i. Pre-induction day: Briefing and live demonstration (how to obtain learning materials and joining online sessions). 
ii. Information pack (provided to students by UoSM’s Student Office). 
iii. Additional recorded videos on How-to-use-Blackboard and How-to-access- Microsoft Teams are made available to all students. 
iv. Induction day: Introduction to EFY (Introduction to online classes). 

Is assessment different than usual classes?

Conventional assessment requires the student to answer all questions on an answer booklet, submit their answers on the spot (examination hall), and writing time is limited to a maximum of 2 hours. 

The online assessment is like a take-home assignment, writing time is more lenient and after completion students need to submit their responses online. 

Is the learning experience compromised through online classes?

Conventional classes rely heavily on face-to-face interaction and physical presence. Online classes offer more flexibility in learning while the learning objectives are still being met. It is good for self-pacing learning and applying independent learning skills.

In terms of interactivity, the experience is little affected, except for our physical location. Feedback from current students who have been following classes online had to date been very positive. To hear more about their experience click here.

How about the flexibility and frequency of the timetable, in case I am not able to attend a class for any reason?

Generally, all modules provide pre-recorded lectures and tutorials. As long as students have an internet connection, they can access video content relating to the module 24/7, irrespective of their location.

What are the obstacles students have faced in online learning and how have academic staff at UoSM assisted in those?

Since the interactivity of the online learning extends to email, students will need to check their university email daily this will be the primary communication channel for all academic matters and for the University more broadly. Students will need to familiarise themselves with the new learning platform/application.

Academic staff are available to support the online learning experience in a number of ways and each student will be allocated one Personal Academic Tutor (PAT). The PAT will advise and support the student regarding their studies and in relation to other issues that may affect their progress. 

What is taught online that will not compromise my overall learning? In that regard, what are arrangements for practical/lab classes?

Regardless of the mode of delivery, the focus is to meet the intended learning outcomes. This includes practical activities. During Semester Zero of the Engineering Foundation Year the Fundamental of Science & Engineering is the only module with laboratory activities.

Students are guided in how to use simulations and other analytical techniques in order that they can conduct equivalent research remotely and submit work online.

Is there a way to experience online classes (tutorial/recordings) before I commence my studies with UoSM?

You may use the testimonials of our recent April-20/21 student or view some samples of online session clips.

How will I be able to interact with other students whilst studying online?

Right from the point of pre-induction your tutors and other UoSM staff will assist you in connecting with other students on your programme and across the institution more widely.

Working together with and getting to know other students is all part of the Southampton Malaysia experience and there is no reason why this cannot continue during the current period.


How can I apply for accommodation during this period?

There are a number of modern, spacious and safe student accommodation options close to our campus. The application process is unaffected and availability is normally good.

Student Village is located nearby to our campus and is within EduCity. A 12 ½ storey building with 210 hostel type rooms (444 beds) and 66 units apartment (194 beds) style accommodation with total number of 638 beds. Please visit or contact Student Village Office at +607-535 3250 or +6016-740 1880 (Ms. Fasha) for further information. 

EcoNest, Eco Botanics

Eco Nest is a luxury accommodation facility next to Educity and is just 3 minutes away on a regular free shuttle bus. Please visit or send an email to or call +6018-2084801 (Mr. Kok Xin) for further information. 

How can I see what rooms and facilities are like for accommodation options?

The room layouts and the images of the rooms are available at for Student Village and for EcoNest.

Will I be able to move into accommodation in time for the start of my programme?

Yes. You should contact the relevant accommodation provider to arrange for the tenancy commencement date to be at least a week before your arrival in order for this to be in place in good time.

Will accommodation still be available if I come later (after enrolling online)? 

We recommend signing up for your accommodation immediately after you know the re-commencement date of face to face classes.


I am an international applicant. Will I be able to enter Malaysia to join face to face classes at UoSM?

Yes. The Malaysian government has published a Standard Operating Procedure that allows both new and returning international students to enter Malaysia and join the campus after spending seven or ten days in quarantine. From 1 February 2021 UoSM will deliver teaching and learning on a hybrid basis (a blend of online and face to face sessions) for international students. For more information please visit

I need a Student Pass (visa) to study in Malaysia. What should I do?

UoSM’s International Visa Officer will contact you once you accepted the offer made by the University. You are required to submit all the documents listed in the visa pack and pay the visa fees in order for UoSM to submit the Student Pass application on your behalf.

Will I need to go into quarantine upon arrival in Malaysia?

Yes, all incoming international students entering Malaysia will need to complete seven or ten days quarantine at a designated government quarantine centre upon arrival. During this period students will need to undergo the RT-PCR COVID-19 Test. Further information can be found at 


How should I pay my tuition fees?

The University accepts the following methods of payment:


Allows for both bank transfer and credit card payment. Find out more.

Credit Card

Payable direct at the student office on UoSM campus. Credit cards acceptable are Visa, MasterCard, JCB and CUP.


Made payable to USMC SDN BHD

Bank transfer

Under the following account:

Beneficiary Name: USMC Sdn Bhd 
Bank Name: HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd 
Account No: 313-365157-101 


We can only accept cash payments for payment of tuition fee deposits for amounts below RM3,500.  

Can I pay my tuition fees by instalments?

Yes. For foundation students instalments are available in three equal payments, the first being due five days after the start of the 1st Semester, the second due five days after the start of the 2nd Semester and the third five days after the start of the 3rd Semester.

For Undergraduate Students instalments are available in two equal payments, the first being due five days after the start of the 1st Semester and the second due five days after the start of the 2nd Semester. This may be during examination periods.

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