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This page provides additional information for students who might like to explore further.

In addition to the resources available on this website for your own profession, it may be useful to explore issues that other healthcare students are facing.

Find out more...

You might also be able to learn from their tips on how to deal with challenging situations. If you would like to explore some more, then follow the links on the left

Alternatively, you might want to think more in-depth about clinical placements in your own profession. As part of the project, we have produced all kinds of outputs - reports based on our original research with students and staff, literature reviews about initial clinical placements as well as resources developed specifically for staff. Find out more about the Beyond Competence project.

Finally, we have included some useful links on the side of this page. Of particular interest might be the links to material about patients' experiences of hearing difficulties, hearing loss and of audiology service provision. Many students have told us that working with real patients was one of the most difficult aspects of starting audiology placements. One thing that you can do ahead of time, is to read about their experiences...

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