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The University of Southampton
NEXUSS - Next Generation Unmanned Systems Science

Projects in the NEXUSS CDT for 2017/18 entry

There are a wide range of PhD studentships available, both based at the University of Southampton and National Oceanography Centre Southampton (listed below) and at the NEXUSS host institutions. For projects at the other host institutions, see here.

Aptamer-based biosensors for Autonomous Systems

Autonomous oceanic primary production through novel chlorophyll fluorometry

Autonomous multi-scaled exploration under ice

Autonomous Surface Ocean Carbon observations

Autonomous Underwater Platforms for measuring Ocean Turbulence

Computer vision and machine learning for oceanographic research

A coupled CFD and observational approach to improve measurements of ocean turbulence from gliders

Design and Control of Bio-inspired Pulsed-jet Underwater Vehicles with augmented maneuverability

Droplet-microfluidic-based chemical sensors for rapid measurement on autonomous ocean profiling vehicles

Microdrifters for Ocean Currents

Mission-aware smart payloads for real-time optimisation of data collected using marine autonomous systems

Observing the biological carbon pump with autonomous underwater vehicles.

Sensing the marine nitrogen cycle: Autonomous sampler to capture microbial ecosystem services

Smart coast: real time assessment of coastal bio-dynamics using UAV/AUVs

In situ carbonate chemistry sensors for autonomous high resolution measurements

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