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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Two talks on Rip Currents & The Taphonomy of Historic Shipwreck Sites. Seminar

9 July 2013
NOCS conference room, 344/32 These seminars are intended for both students and staff, and recent graduates.

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Hachem Kassem on X26205 or email .

Event details

Coastal Seminar Series: These seminars illustrate the breadth of coastal studies at the University of Southampton. Traditionally, this seminar series is held at Highfield, hosted by the faculty of Engineering and the Environment. This term only, the seminars will be held at NOCS, and will aim to showcase areas of research within the coastal research theme at Ocean and Earth Science.

Dr Shari Gallop, Teaching and Research Fellow, OES

Video Observations of Rip Currents on an Embayed Beach

Globally, rip currents are one of the main causes of drowning. It is a challenge to devise automated methods to locate rip channels from video imagery, to develop real-time forecasting, and long-term data-sets to increase understanding of their behaviour. This presentation will discuss previous work on rip channel detection, the difficulties and possible ways forward.

Amelia Astley, PhD Candidate OES/ SMMI

The Taphonomy of historic shipwreck sites

Over time due to environmental pressures (physical, biological and chemical) the structural integrity of a shipwreck declines and the spatial coherency of the shipwreck site becomes degraded. If we wish to better understand the surviving archaeological record we require improved knowledge of the impact of variable marine conditions on wreck sites.

Speaker information

Dr Shari Gallop,Teaching and Research Fellow, OES

Amelia Astley,PhD Candidate, OES/SMMI

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