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The emigration to Israel of the Jews of the north of Morocco through Ceuta (1956-1961) Seminar

Dr Reverend James Parkes
17 October 2017
Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus SO17 1BF

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Event details

Part of The Parkes Institute's Research Seminar Series for 2017/18.

The emigration to Israel of the Jews of the north of Morocco through Ceuta (1956-1961)

After the creation of the State of Israel and facing the imminence of the independence of Morocco several Jewish organizations begin to encourage the emigration of Jews from the north (Spanish zone) and south (French zone) of the country to the young and still unstable State of Israel. This emigration is perceived as more pressing and dangerous after the independence of the Moroccan Kingdom when King Mohamed V forbade the Jews to leave the country, which became a national issue for Morocco. I have been particularly interested in reconstructing the details of this process, especially in the years since it went underground (1956-1961), from its local context, the involvement of local Jewish and non-Jewish communities, and the role of the Moroccan and Spanish authorities in the zone.

Portrait photo of Maite Ojeda-Mata
Maite Ojeda-Mata

Speaker information

Maite Ojeda-Mata , Parkes Institute. has just won a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship to join the Parkes Institute where she will be conducting research on the impact of antisemitism on Muslim/Jewish relations in Spanish Morocco. Previously she has been lecturer and researcher in the universities Pompeu Fabra and Autónoma of Barcelona, as well as in the University of Samarkand. She is interested in the historical-political conditions in which socio-political identities are defined and redefined, particularly in the arena of Jewish/non-Jewish relations.

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