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The University of Southampton
The Parkes Institute

Series | A Short History of Antisemitism Seminar

13:00 - 13:30
21 February 2024 - 1 May 2024
LTB, Nuffield Theatre, Highfield Campus

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Event details

Join members of the Parkes Institute for a series of short 20-minute talks on the history of antisemitism across the world.

The recent outburst of violence in Israel and Gaza has many tragic consequences. Locally, in the UK we have witnessed an increase in antisemitic incidents. As academics specialising in the histories of anti-Jewish violence and prejudice, we believe that a knowledge-based dialogue is the best way out of such crises. In that spirit, we offer a series of short lectures designed to inform our academic community about antisemitism in the past in the UK and beyond. We hope that the specific histories we share will inspire our audiences to combat all forms of prejudice today.

Talk Schedule

These 20-minute talks will take place in Lecture Room C in Nuffield Theatre on the Highfield campus at 1 pm on selected Wednesday afternoons between 21 February and 1 May. Please note that these talks are in-person only. Please find the full schedule of talk topics below.

Date Title
21 February A Short History of Antisemitism in Britain (Professor Tony Kushner)
28 February A Short History of Antisemitism in Postwar Poland (Dr Janek Gryta)
13 March A Short History of Antisemitism in Late Imperial Russia (Dr George Gilbert)
24 April A Short History of Antisemitism in Modern Germany (Professor Neil Gregor)
1 May A Short History of Antisemitism in Modern France (Dr Noëmie Duhaut)
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