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Summer Publication News

Published: 1 September 2017
Philosophical Studies

A number of articles by Southampton philosophers have appeared in or been accepted for publication by leading international journals over the summer.

  • Dan Cavedon-Taylor's 'Naive Realism and the Cognitive Penetrability of Perception' has been accepted for publication in Analytic Philosophy.
  • Alex Gregory's 'Are All Normative Judgements Desire-Like?' has been published in the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy.
  • Denis McManus's 'Beholdenness to Entities and the Concept of "Dasein": Phenomenology, Ontology and Idealism in the early Heidegger' has just appeared in the European Journal of Philosophy.
  • Daniel Whiting's 'Right in Some Respects: Reasons as Evidence' is forthcoming with Philosophical Studies.
  • Fiona Woollard's 'Breastfeeding and Defeasible Duties to Benefit', co-authored with Lindsey Porter, has been published in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

These articles on topics ranging from the nature of perception to infant feeding, and from normativity to Heideggerian phenomenology, testify to our wide-ranging research interests.

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