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Workshop: Aims and Norms: Emotions and Other Attitudes Event

23 March 2012
Avenue Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BF

For more information regarding this event, please email Daniel Whiting at .

Event details

This workshop is part of the Aims and Norms Research Project

It is common for philosophers to suggest that belief and action have aims, and that one might understand the norms governing belief and action as rules which help us to achieve those aims. But little effort has been made to extend this proposal to other attitudes which also appear to be subject to normative standards, such as the emotions. As part of its Aims and Norms project, Philosophy at Southampton will host a one-day workshop exploring such questions as: Do emotions have aims? What might those aims be? Do admiration and envy, for example, aim at the admirable and enviable? If so, can norms of emotion be explained by appeal to these aims? The workshop will also provide the opportunity to reflect more generally on the relationship between the norm(s) governing an attitude and that attitude's aim(s).


Michael Brady (Glasgow), ‘Emotional Experience and Attentional Focus'.
Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA), ‘Reflection and Responsibility'.
Jonas Olson (Stockholm), ‘Adam Smith's Sentimentalism: Sympathy, Propriety, Merit, and Value'.
Jonathan Way (Southampton), ‘Value and Reasons to Favour'.

The workshop series is funded by the British Academy, the University of Southampton's Adventures in Research Scheme and the Faculty of Humanities.


A limited number of places are available at the workshop. Please contact Daniel Whiting to register.

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