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Kant and Moral Demandingness Conference Event

Portrait of Kant
7 - 8 June 2018
Lecture Theatre C Avenue Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BF

For more information regarding this event, please email Brian McElwee at .

Event details

Registration open now!

On Thursday 7 – Friday 8 June 2018, the University of Southampton will host a conference on Kant and Moral Demandingness. The conference aims to bring together Kantians and non-Kantians working on questions of demandingness, moral obligation, supererogation and related issues.


Robert Stern (Sheffield), ’How much does morality require of us? Singer, Kant and Løgstrup’
Martin Sticker (Trinity College Dublin), 'The Hell of Self-Cognition - Kant, Moral Overdemandingness and Imperfect Duties to Self'
Alice Pinheiro Walla (Bayreuth), ‘Kant and the Wisdom of Oedipus’
Lucas Thorpe (Boğaziçi), 'Kant on Impossible Ideals and Immortality: Why being as good as you can be isn't good enough.'
Joe Saunders (Leeds), ‘Love and the Fact of Reason’
Christopher Macleod (Lancaster), ‘Mill, Morality and Malleability’
Charlotte Newey (Warwick), ‘Changing the Subject(s): A Response to Expert Disagreement about the Effectiveness of Aid’
Brian McElwee (Southampton), ‘Moralism and Other Perfectionist Vices’


Lizzy Ventham (Southampton)
Joe Slater (St Andrews)
Lukas Naegeli (Zurich)
Gözde Yıldırım (Boğaziçi)
Zübeyde Karadağ-Thorpe (Hacettepe)

The conference is organised a part of the joint Boğaziçi -Southampton Newton-Katip Çelebi project “Agency and Autonomy: Kant and the Normative Foundations of Republican Self-Government”, run by Lucas Thorpe (Boğaziçi) and Andrew Stephenson (Southampton). It is also generously supported by the Southampton Ethics Centre.

Attendance is free, but please email Brian McElwee to register.

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