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Kantian Perspectives on Autonomy and Normativity: Theoretical Foundations Event

25 - 26 June 2018
Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus, University of Southampton, SO17 1BF

For more information regarding this event, please email Andrew Stephenson at .

Event details

Registration open now!

Call for Registration: This conference is free and open to all but please register by emailing Andrew Stephenson.


Monday 25 June

10:30-11:45 Sacha Golob (KCL) ‘Strategizing Virtue: Kant and Ethical Development’
12:00-13:15 John Callanan (KCL) ‘Kant and Prichard on the explanation of obligation’
13:15-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:15 Ralf Bader (Oxford) ‘The dignity of humanity’
15:30-16:45 Robert Watt (Cambridge) ‘The Normativity of Judgment’
17:00-18:00 Claudi Brink (UCSD) ‘Qualitative unity and the role of teleology in Kant's account of the original synthetic unity of apperception’
19:00 Conference Dinner


Tuesday 26 June

10:00-11:15 Richard Evans (Imperial) & Andrew Stephenson (Southampton) 'Formalizing Kant's Rules: a Logic of Conditional Imperatives and Permissives’
11:30-12:45 Jessica Leech (KCL) ‘Kant on the Necessity of Necessity’
12:45-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:45 Anil Gomes (Oxford) ‘Perception, Reflection, Autonomy'
15:00-16:15 Yoon Choi (Marquette) ‘Apperception and Spontaneity: Kant's Conception of Epistemic Agency’
16:30-17:30 Max Edwards (UCSD) ‘Generality and Determinability in Kant's Theory of Concepts’


This conference is organized as part of the joint Boğaziçi-Southampton British Academy Newton-Katip Çelebi project AF140071 “Agency and Autonomy: Kant and the Normative Foundations of Republican Self-Government” run by Lucas Thorpe (Boğaziçi) and Andrew Stephenson (Southampton).

For further information about Kant activities in Southampton please visit the Kant in Southampton website.

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