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The University of Southampton
Primary Care Research Centre

Caring for unsettled babies

Welcome to the CUBs study project page

The CUBs study aims to explore the experiences of health visitors’ and community health nurses’ providing support for families with unsettled infants (>12 months old).

crying infant

Some babies cry or vomit or seem more unsettled than others, with common symptoms/behaviours such as:

• excessive crying (not stopping crying for hours without being settled),

• fussing unless being held,

• vomiting,

• rash,

• changes in their nappies,

• excessive gas/wind or congestion.

This is an interview study to better understand health visitors’ and community health nurses’ experiences of supporting families who have unsettled babies, in relation to their beliefs around assessment and management of behaviours.

Additionally, we want to understand how health visitors and community health nurses perceive the training they receive on how best to support unsettled babies. This study will help with knowing when and how to provide support in dealing with these symptoms.

For this study, we aim to interview 25 health visitors/community health nurses, who have practiced within the last 12 months.


This project is funded by NIHR School for Primary Care Research

IRAS Number: 329794
SPONSORS Number: 82667
FUNDERS Project Number: 671

In order to express an interest in taking part in the study, you can use the link or QR code below, which will take you to our online expression of interest form.

QR code

In order to find out more about what the study involves, you can also read our participant information sheet.

Dr Ingrid Muller (Chief investigator)

Dr Samantha Hornsey (Principle Investigator)

Lucy Smith (Senior researcher)

Professor Miriam Santer

Professor Susan Latter

Sue Adam

Amy Dobson

Kate Henaghan-Sykes

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