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Psychology graduate leavers pack The application process

Types of interview

Organisations use various types of interviews and you need to be aware of the differences.

Telephone interview

Large employers who annually recruit new graduates will use telephone interviews early on in the application process. Telephone interviews are also used when recruiting for specialist and senior staff. This type of interview can be prearranged or unannounced, so be prepared. Treat it as you would a face to face interview. Try to imagine the interviewer is in the room with you, so sit straight, smile, and be enthusiastic when answering questions.

One to one or panel interview

Panel interviews are now more common than one to one. This is of benefit to the interviewee as it reduces the chances of discrimination. The number of people on a panel will vary and can sometimes be up to three or four, with one being the line manager and a further person representing Human Resources.

Competency based interview

Competency based interviews are commonly used for graduate level employment. The interviewer will ask for evidence of times when you have used certain competencies in your life. Prepare for these questions by having examples of instances when you have used the competencies/skills that the organisation are seeking

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