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Selective Fluorine NMR Spectroscopy

19F is a very sensitive NMR active nucleus that provides a wealth of structural detail.  The chemical shift information and coupling data (between fluorine nuclei and other atoms) found in 19F NMR spectra allows the assignment of both the nature and location of fluorine atoms within molecules.

Example spectra.

Technical information:

19F NMR spectra are acquired using a high-resolution selective 19F probe that allows 1D and 2D 19F NMR, and direct observation of 19F with 1H decoupling (also 1H observe with 19F decoupling).

In addition, the probe includes a 2H lock channel and variable temperature capability. Pulsed field gradient coils (PFG) are utilised to suppress artefacts and accelerate acquisition times for useful multi-dimensional experiments.

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