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Powder Diffraction

Powder diffraction is the standard method of acquiring structural information from polycrystalline materials such as powders, films and composites.

SCAS offers various traditional powder diffraction options for polycrystalline materials.

 i) Qualitative phase identification of single and multiphase powders. (e.g. polymorphic forms of organics and inorganics such as titania, soil compositions, fly ash components etc.)
 ii) Quantitative analysis of multiphase samples via Rietveld refinement (e.g. contamination levels in formulations).
 iii) Percent crystallinity measurements of semi-crystalline materials (e.g. polymers).
 iv) Lattice parameter refinement (e.g. to determine doping levels in semi-conductors).
 vi) Capillary measurements to limit preferred orientation and obtain accurate intensities or to study environment sensitive compounds
 vii) Micro diffraction of very small sample amounts (< 1mg)

Individual tailored quotes are prepared based on the specific experimental requirements (following discussions).
Prices start from £200 for phase identification.

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