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The University of Southampton
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute

MARIN: Experiments and CFD Calculations Hand-to-Hand Seminar

12:00 - 13:00
6 December 2012
Building 2, Room 1085

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Yeping Xiong on 02380 596619 or email .

Event details

FSI Seminar

MARIN, Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands, is an independent non-profit institute working for the maritime sector in hydrodynamic and nautical research, since 1932. MARIN's main expertise lie both on the experimental and numerical side. Over the last years, the market trends, and the computational resources progress, boosted the use of numerical tools, especially viscous-flow solvers, usually called CFD tools. Nowadays, MARIN provides both experimental and numerical services, in almost all commercial projects. The objectives of this presentation are therefore twofold: firstly, a general overview of the MARIN mission, goals and its facilities; secondly, MARIN viscous-flow solver ReFRESCO will be introduced. Details on the code, theoretical, numerical, IT, quality-control issues, will be presented. It follows several applications of ReFRESCO for maritime problems, ranging from complex ship, offshore constructions, propeller and submarines flows, to ship-propeller-rudder interaction problems.

You are invited to join us.

Speaker information

Dr Ir Henk Prins and Dr Eng Guiherme Vaz, MARIN. Dr Ir Henk Prins, Manager R&D and Dr Eng Guiherme Vaz, Senior Researcher

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