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Automatic Generation of Assembly Sequence for the Planning of Outfitting Processes in Shipbuilding Seminar

12:00 - 13:00
13 February 2013
Southampton University Highfield Campus Building 28 (Ship Science) Room 2001

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Dr. Yeping Xiong on +44 (0)23 80596619 or email .

Event details

Outfitting processes are distinguished by interferences, disturbance, great interdependencies and different surrounding area requirements. Their complexity is even intensified by the use of outsourcing and subcontracting, a broader strategy of western shipyards. Currently, execution planning of outfitting processes is not sufficiently considered.

Yards play the role of director and only provide the subcontractors with a general time framework for outfitting.  Meanwhile, each subcontracted company plans its own progress toward its own work, independent from other executers.  Consequently, outfitting processes are delayed, frequently caused by space collision, rework, and long time waiting on the work site.  This adversely affects the execution. With the research to be presented, an automatic sequence generation system, which is able to generate the interference-free assembly sequences that identify the relationships among outfitting activities and estimate the reasonable mounting time, has been developed.  It is expected to provide each party involved in advanced outfitting with a holistic planning. Hence, the onsite coordination and installation effort maybe reduced and the level of advance outfitting practices maybe increased, which leads to the reduction of cost and lead-time.

Speaker information

Dr.Yan Wei, Zhejiang University. Dr Yan Wei was awarded her Ph.D. degree from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, in April, 2012. Her dissertation, published by VSSD, Delft, the Netherlands, focuses on the automatic schedule generation of outfitting processes in shipbuilding. Since October 2007, as one of PhD candidates, she has been engaged in the researches involving “Integral Cooperation”, a Maritime Innovation Program, funded by Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands. She joined Zhejiang University in 2012, as a lecturer in Department of Ocean and Earth Science Engineering. Her research areas focus on intelligent scheduling system, computer-integrated manufacturing and simulation-aided process planning of shipbuilding process and several journal papers have been published in the relevant field. She involves in the undergraduate courses “Modern Shipbuilding Engineering” and “Integration of Oceanic Equipment” and now as one of representatives of Zhejiang University to coordinate the joint teaching programs with UK’s universities.

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