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The University of Southampton
Self-Management VOICED: outcomes that matter

Reviewing the evidence

A systematic review of existing empirical research.


A review of current literature and government documents  was carried out to identify which self-management outcomes are important to the each stakeholder group: patient, family, healthcare professionals and commissioners. The purpose of the literature was to answer the three aims and to identify the gap in existing evidence.


1) Identify which outcomes of self-management are of importance from patients, family, health professionals and commissioner perspectives

2) Identify which outcomes of self-management are commonly targeted within self-management interventions and policy guidance.

3) Identify areas of similarity and disparity in self-management outcomes considered important across conditions and stakeholder groups.


Poster presented at HSRN 2014
HSRN Poster


The preliminary results of the review were presented at the Health Services Research Network Symposium in June 2014. The protocol for the review was registered with PROSPERO.

Full results of the review will be available soon.

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