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ESRC grant awarded to Social Statistics & Demography staff

Published: 22 January 2010 Origin:  Social Statistics and Demography

Professors Danny Pfeffermann and Patrick Sturgis (along with Dr. Pedro Silva from S3RI) have been awarded an ESRC grant for the project Fitting Models to Complex Survey Data: Which Approach Should We Follow and What is Required?

The purpose of this project is to provide researchers and practitioners with clear guidance on which approaches they can use for modelling data sets obtained from complex surveys, how they should be implemented, inference possibilities, software availability, and where more than one approach is feasible, to discuss the theoretical and practical advantages of one approach over the others for specific applications.

Research will also focus on developing diagnostic procedures for assessing the goodness of fit of models under the various approaches and for comparing between the approaches. The ultimate goal is to provide analysts with protocols detailing how to tackle a given problem, which software can be used, how to analyse the data under a given approach, which kind of inference may be drawn and how to choose between different approaches.

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