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The University of Southampton
Economic, Social and Political Sciences

Our departments

Social scientists at Southampton work together on many interdisciplinary projects. However, each division is a centre of excellence in its own right for research, teaching and learning. Our academics address key issues across the human sciences that are of vital importance to everyone.


In today's ageing society, the experience of people as they grow older has become an essential focus of research. Our researchers are commissioned by policymakers worldwide to investigate a wide variety of issues surrounding ageing.


Economic decisions affect us all. Our academics probe the workings of global economies and investigate how the choices of individuals make a difference too.

Politics & International Relations

Our world is changing rapidly. Academics and students investigate how political theories are evolving as people respond to new challenges.

Social Statistics & Demography

To understand society, you need the skills and tools to analyse exactly what is happening. Our academics are at the forefront of developing new ways to understand the world we live in.

Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

Policymakers across the globe need to know how society works and how it is evolving. Our academics investigate and uncover the truths about modern life.

Our departments



Politics & International Relations

Social Statistics & Demography

Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

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