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Scheduled versus demand feeding of infants: maternal wellbeing and child cognitive outcomes Seminar

Social Statistics and Demography
10 March 2011
Room 1007 (L/R C), Building 58 Highfield Campus

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Dr Claire Bailey on +44 (0)23 8059 2577 or email .

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Part of the Social Statistics and Demography Seminar Series

Infant feeding is a hot topic among new parents, with millions of books on the subject being sold every year. Some childcare "experts" claim that mothers are happiest and babies thrive best if fed to a schedule; others maintain that babies know best when they need to be fed, and mothers should respond to their cues.

We use data from ALSPAC, a large longitudinal child development study, to investigate the effects of scheduled and demand feeding on two sets of outcomes: maternal wellbeing on the one hand, and children's cognitive outcomes on the other.

Speaker information

Maria Iacovou ,Institute for Social and Economic Research

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