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The University of Southampton
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STAG Research CentreSeminars

Southampton String Theory seminars 2020-2021

Seminars take place online on Wednesdays 13:00, unless otherwise noted. Each seminar starts with a student session 13:00-13:15.

07 October 2020: Pedro Vieira (Perimeter) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

Multipoint bootstrap. Integrability and the Snowflake

14 October 2020: Bidisha Chakrabarty (Southampton) 

Out of time ordered effective dynamics of a quartic oscillator

21 October 2020: Mritunjay Verma (Southampton) 

Open Closed Superstring Field Theory

28 October 2020: Horacio Casini (Bariloche) 

Entropic order parameters for symmetries in QFT

04 November 2020: Stefano Cremonesi (Durham)

3d N=4 gauge theories: vacua, low energy physics and correlators

11 November 2020: Matthias Gaberdiel (ETH Zurich) 

An exact AdS/CFT duality

18 November 2020: Alice Bernamonti (Florence)

The First Law of Complexity

25 November 2020: Bogdan Stefanski (City)

Chern-Simons Origin of Superstring Integrability

02 December 2020: Ibrahima Bah (Johns Hopkins) 

Topological stars

09 December 2020: Rishi Mouland (King's College)

Exotic 5d Correlators and 6d CFTs

Winter Break

20 January 2021: Xinan Zhou (Princeton) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

Holographic correlators and emergent Parisi-Sourlas supersymmetry

27 January 2021: Aleksey Cherman (Minnesota) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

Higgs-confinement phase transitions with fundamental representation matter

03 February 2021: Clément Berthiere (Peking University) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

Entanglement in quantum Lifshitz theories

10 February 2021: Guilherme Pimentel (Amsterdam) 

Decoding and bootstrapping cosmological fluctuations

16 February 2021: Ofer Aharony (Weizmann) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY: TUESDAY]

A derivation of AdS/CFT for vector models

23 February 2021: Alok Laddha (Chennai) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY: TUESDAY]

The Infra-red triangles of Gravity

24 February 2021: David Meltzer (Caltech) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

Unitarity and Dispersion in AdS/CFT Momentum Space

03 March 2021: No seminar (Workshop: A (Hubble) Tension Headache)

10 March 2021: Mario Martone (Stony Brook) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

Geometric constraints on the space of 4d theories

16 March 2021: Gary Shiu (Wisconsin) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME: TUESDAY 15:00]

Quantum Gravity and the Swampland

17 March 2021: Charlotte Sleight (Durham)

A Mellin-Barnes Approach to Scattering in de Sitter Space

Spring Break

21 April 2021: Clay Cordova (Chicago) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

Line Defect Quantum Numbers and Anomalies

28 April 2021: Ivano Basile (Mons)

On string vacua without supersymmetry

05 May 2021: Jim Gates (Brown) [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00]

A New Hope To Resolve Foundational Problems of SUSY Representation Theory

12 May 2021: Stephan Stieberger (MPP Munich)

Celestial Amplitudes and Asymptotic Symmetries

25 May 2021: Renann Lipinski Jusinskas (Prague) [NOTE UNUSUAL DAY: TUESDAY]

L-infinity algebra in gauge theories with matter


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