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Dr Greg Neil

Dr Greg Neil
Dr Greg Neil

Dr Greg Neil is a cognitive psychologist at the University of Southampton, as well as a trained project manager. After completing an undergraduate degree in Management Science at the University of Southampton, Greg worked at a variety of firms as a project manager and process planner, including a multi-media firm and National Air Traffic Services. In between jobs Greg completed a masters in Research Methods in Psychology, which led to a PhD in Psychology with Dr Phil Higham again at the University of Southampton, which he completed in 2011.

On the SuperIdentity project Greg is working as a research fellow with Dr Sarah Stevenage. His scientific work on the project primarily concerns human performance using a variety of biometrics, such as faces and voices as well as a host of others. As the project progresses, he will also be investigating how different biometrics link together. In addition Greg is responsible for maintaining this website.

Other than the SuperIdentity project, Greg is involved in researching audio hindsight bias. When someone makes a probability judgement about an event for which they already know the outcome, the probability judgement is usually inaccurate. This phenomenon has not been investigated with respect to judgements concerning the hearing of distorted words, and the research Greg is involved in will address this gap.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Greg and his research, click on the link below to go to his homepage.

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