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About the project

The SuperIdentity project is an ambitious trans-Atlantic project reflecting the expertise of researchers across a wide range of disciplines, including computer science, law, forensic psychology, social psychology, forensic anthropology, and cyber security. The range of disciplines reflected within the team will allow us to take a unique view of identity within contemporary society.  The SuperIdentity project is funded by the EPSRC under the umbrella of the Global Uncertainties initiative, and by the Department of Homeland Security in the US.

Our objective in this project is to work towards a rich understanding of identity which encompasses aspects that we reveal both in the real world and in the cyber world.  The fusion of cyber and real world measures is what makes this project challenging, exciting and timely. The result will be a more complete and dynamic picture of who someone is, enabling greater input into the identity decision.  Each piece of the puzzle can be assessed for its reliability enabling a certainty index to be associated with the identity decision. In addition, the capacity exists within this work to use information in an intelligent way to link people together, both in real and cyber contexts.  This enables us to provide a view of identity that respects the contexts in which identities emerge.  The project will ask questions about identity, from the forensic context, such as “Can you identity a bank robber from a grainy picture?” through to basic questions of identity, such as “How do our online identities relate to our physical identities?” 

There are three main strands to the project.  Click on each strand below to find out more.  The information will appear in a new window, so you may need to enable pop-ups:

  1. Identifying factors of interest
  2. Establishing certainty, social acceptability and legal restrictions across context
  3. Exploring patterns within SuperIdentity

Please feel free to explore the website to view our current progress, related projects and 'meet the team'.

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