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First Workshop Update

Published: 28 October 2017

Our first workshop took place on 19th October 2017!

Workshop Theme - Teaching & Learning Vocabulary

"When should you teach the written word?", "How can you deal with mispronunciation of the written word?", "How long does it take to learn (and use) French or Spanish sound/spelling links?"

These were some of the knotty issues we discussed at workshop one!

We thought about how we currently teach sounds and whether talking about articulatory properties was helpful.  Challenges were discussed, for example, whether explicit teaching of sound/spelling links is enough and what kinds of practice activities could be incorporated into weekly teaching.  We also thought about just how dominant English sound/spelling links are......!

The group raised important issues: encouraging language learning motivation, teaching/learning literacy and grammar teaching practices.  We're going to investigate these, amongst other things, over the next few months.

Watch this space! 

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