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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton Primary Languages


Our exploration of and experimentation with primary foreign languages pedagogy centres around three workshops.  During these workshops we will learn about the latest language teaching and learning research.  Evaluation and learning from our classroom experiences will feature heavily in each workshop session.  Building on this developing knowledge, we will discuss, collaborate and trial existing and new resources.  Access is restricted to collaborating teachers only although examples will be posted on this website. 


Spanish and KS2 Music

This resource comprises KS2 FL and Music Attainment Targets. Culture and language together!

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French phonics

Working with sounds and letters

Use our powerpoints with native speaker soundfiles to explore sounds and letters in French and Spanish

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Le Pointillisme

French & KS2 Art

How could this text be exploited? We're starting to think about ways to work with unfamilar language

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El Cubismo

Spanish & KS2 Art

Here's a similar resource for Spanish learners. Could this support language and literacy?

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  • thinking about core and extended vocabulary
  • pronunciation and error correction
  • remembering words:  receptive and productive vocabulary
  • phonics
  • learning to read and write words
  • vocabulary books
  • grammar:  noun gender, plurals
  • learning about language/s
  • learning about learning

Sentences and Text

  • negation and questions
  • learning "chunks" of language
  • connectives and adverbials
  • working with sentences and short texts
  • thinking about "authentic" literature
  • learning about language - links to SPAG and English literacy
  • learning about learning

Independence and Creativity

  • extended reading and writing
  • group and pairwork
  • error correction
  • language experiences beyond the classroom
  • formative assessment
  • revisiting prior workshops
  • reflection on future challenges
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