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TEAtime lecture series


Find all workshops and lectures related to History.

Dr Rachel Herrmann: War, Food and Nationalism in Revolutionary-era America.

Date and Theme: 19/11/2013 ; War and Revolution

Lecture summary: This lecture focused on Rachel's research strength of American History and culture through food. During the lecture Rachel discussed how, any why, food became a central part of American culture, identity and independance.

Rachel Herrmann; Liberty PBS ; National Museum of American History

Jennifer Craig-Norton:  Kindertransport

Date and Theme: 10/02/2013 ; The Holocaust

Workshop summary: The purpose of the workshop is to introduce the Kindertransport and have students consider the viewpoints of various types of sources dealing with the experiences of the same child. Students will have an opportunity to discuss the ways in which memory documents support or contest archival sources and suggest reasons for discrepancies in the accounts emanating from these various sources.

Resources: Jennifer Craig-Norton ; PRISM; Holocaust Memorial Museum ; Parkes Institute


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